Event security & Door supervision

Events security & Door supervision

Event security

In our experience good festival security is much more than detailed planning and operational standard; the staff make the event just as much as the acts. We understand that the Event Security is often the first point of human contact that people have when they come to a festival so we ensure that everyone gets a warm welcome from a friendly and knowledgeable member of staff every time. We also take a vested interest in each festival we provide for and aim to help event and festival organisers create something special that people want to tell their friends about.

Whilst adhering to all industry standards and relevant health and safety guidelines we also tailor our staff training to specific requirements and needs.  This can take the form of detailed site induction through to large scale live exercises at the event or festival itself before it is open to the public.  This means that our staff and our specialist teams not only have a refined skill set for your particular event or festival but they can also quickly and efficiently deal with a range of situations.

Door Supervison

Keeping people safe is the main responsibility of our experienced door supervisors. Whether that’s managing crowds or queues, checking tickets, dealing with conflicts and emergencies, or stopping people entering who may be unsuitable or pose a danger to others.While door supervisors must have both confidence and physical presence, they also need the right skills to be able maintain the reputation of our clients. To do so effectively takes strong communication, observation and decision making skills. As the first person that a visitor may see, it is vital that the highest levels of professionalism are demonstrated at all times.

That’s why at Security Elite, all our team members go through a vigorous recruitment and screening process, along with continuous training and professional development to ensure they excel at what they do.